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Americas Alliance

Alliance Coordinator

Coordinators are responsible for overseeing the productive completion of projects and events, within their respective Alliances. Coordinators plan and host monthly webinars for their alliances, manage advocate queries, network to increase business opportunities and connect relevant expertise to broaden horizons for their advocates.

Ali Mustajab Naqvi

Americas Alliance Coordinator

Board Members

Francisco Raimundo

Board Member Of Americas Alliance | CEO at Stratesys Brasil

Gabriel Madero

Board Member Of Americas Alliance | Co-Founder at MIRAIICO

Rodrigo Curcio

Board Member Of Americas Alliance | CEO & Founder at HumanAZ

Strategic Alliance Partners

Strategic Partners are organizations with similar objectives and directions that work in parallel with the EU Tech Chamber to achieve our goals and believe in our vision, Technology Obliges!

International alliances

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Americas Alliance

Africa Alliance
SDG Alliance
Academy Alliance
WiT Alliance
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